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Importance of Education

Importance of an Education at Warren Lane Elementary School

Warren Lane Elementary School is committed to empowering and inspiring students who are self-directed thinkers who take greater responsibility for their own learning, productive citizens, life-long learners, and active contributors to the multicultural, global and technological 21st Century. Therefore as a school, it is crucial that we develop learners who are:

  • Product-oriented in an information society; one in which access, management, and application of large amounts of information for services-related productivity is paramount;
  • Equipped with a practical and theoretical grasp of technology in its many forms and will be capable of seeing opportunities for technology applications to new and emerging challenges;
  • Comprehends how to search for understanding and answers to life’s challenges and will do so with a keen eye towards the diverse constellation of culture, gender, and other influences;
  • Equipped with skills in application of knowledge so that they may be capable of making connections between history, constituencies, and personal strengths and deficits to the present day in many contexts;
  • Knowledgeable of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, elucidating, disseminating, and evaluating information; and
  • Finds the balance between the burgeoning society with the humanistic dimensions of life, seeking out an understanding of art, music, dance, and character development.

Learning Environment in the Classroom

Warren Lane Elementary School’s classroom conditions provide an orderly, active learning environment which enhances the experience of learning and promote positive interactions among students, staff, parents and members of the community. Personal and social skill development is focused via the school emphasis on PBIS. Students learn to be responsible, trustworthy, caring, courageous, honest and loyal through daily positive interactions with both students and adults.

Learning styles of students are routinely assessed and appropriate instructional strategies are implemented to accommodate the varying styles that students bring to the classroom.


The instructional program that Warren Lane Elementary School provides will meet the needs of the students by providing a rigorous, standards-based program. WLES staff will actively review, identify, select, and align the curriculum, instructional activities, interventions, and assessments to ensure all students are mastering the CA Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the CA State Standards for Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, and Visual, Fine, and Performing Arts.


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